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Why consider MarketWise Insights, Inc. for market research and strategic marketing? What will be the benefits to your firm?

Actionable research. You know how many market research reports sit on the shelf? Well, MarketWise Insights, Inc. focuses on providing actionable researchóresearch that will clearly help you make marketing decisions. Carol Monaco, President of MarketWise Insights, Inc, has held various marketing implementation roles and consequently, she has unique insight into how market research will be used.
High quality work, which is a result of extensive experience.  MarketWise Insights, Inc. has conducted over 50 research projects since 1999 and prepared numerous marketing plans.  Carol Monaco fully understands all aspects of marketing and has held marketing roles in product management, product development, and market research. Prior to starting MarketWise Insights, Inc., she was Vice President of Product Development at Yankee New Media.
Uncover new market needs. We know how to ask questions to uncover unmet market needs, identify ways to refine existing products, and get in-depth information on market trends. Although you talk regularly to your customers, formal, consistent research can uncover additional information that can be infinitely valuable to your firm.
An objective perspective. Sometimes, your customers, prospects, or competitors may be reluctant to tell you the full truth. Prospects may be unwilling to talk openly to a salesperson and will be more forthcoming with a researcher. Customers like their sales representatives and donít want to say anything negative about your firm. Unfortunately, this means that you may not know where to improve, what new services to add, or how your prospects view your products and services. You may be missing additional revenue opportunities.
Increased revenue. We focus on results. Our successes include writing and implementing marketing plans that increased revenue from $100K to $4M for an educational technology business; the first of these plans also increased partner participation from 16 to 85 in the first year.
Valuable forecasts.  How do you determine the growth of a market? How do you identify market size, and ultimately know in which markets or opportunities to invest? MarketWise Insights, Inc. has extensive experience in market sizing and has helped both start-ups and established technology firms answer these questions.

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